Is it untrue that thousands of temples were demolished by Muslim rulers in India?

Definitely not, as I and others mention we all learn from different publications, studies, etc.

Looking at the history of Islam, we can see that it all began when the prophet Muhammad appeared and began teaching in the year 700 BC.

If we go back in time, Hinduism turns out to be the oldest religion (not that this book argues so; it's just empirically supported).

Since Hinduism originated first, it follows that its theology and the temples and other buildings that serve as symbols of the religion's gods had to come first (this is why I researched the origins of both religions).

Every monarch seeks to have his or her greatness and accomplishments recorded in history, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Prior to British control, Muslims governed India for 700 years. The British then arrived and attempted to promote Christianity and its culture. Given that Muslims ruled over us for the last seven centuries, they had to have made some sort of historical impact. Hindus who do not practice their faith are regarded as kafirs in Islam. You might therefore speculate as to why these monarchs would have made these modifications—likely in order to uphold and propagate their religion.

Let's start with the Taj Mahal, which was constructed by Shah Jahan.

As far as I can tell, Shah Jahan attempted to build this Taj mahal for Mumtaj but was unsuccessful. He subsequently chose to alter the original Taj mahal. I've even heard of a black Taj mahal that is located close to the one we see today.

However, what are your thoughts on this?

It is said that all Shiva temples have a little opening in the upper portion to allow sunlight to enter.

The pinnacle at the summit of Taj Mahal is where you can see the crescent holding the kalash and the coconut with the mango leaves spreading on top, which is something we frequently use in our puja.

No, none of this can be made more diluted. Everyone attempted, but was unable, to change the course of history, including the Mughals.



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