Top news of today (8 July 2024)

Mumbai Rains: Heavy rain has caused flooding in Mumbai, leading to schools and colleges being shut. (

PM Modi in Russia: Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with Putin praising Modi's dedication to the people. The US has expressed concerns about the meeting. (

NEET UG Exam: The Supreme Court is hearing a case regarding irregularities in the NEET UG medical entrance exam. There is also speculation that the exam might be held online in the future. (

Team India Captaincy: Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are likely to be rested for the upcoming ODI series against Sri Lanka. There are reports that either KL Rahul or Hardik Pandya might captain the team. (

Terrorist Attack: All six terrorists involved in a recent attack in Kulgam, Jammu and Kashmir, have been identified as locals. (

Global Warming: Data shows that global heat has reached a new record high for the 12th month in a row. (

French Election Results: According to exit polls, left-wing parties have won the most seats in the French elections, with the far-right falling to third place.

Tamil Nadu Law Review: The Tamil Nadu government has formed a panel to review new criminal laws.

Maharashtra Politics: Ajit Pawar has appointed Naresh Arora as a strategist for the upcoming Maharashtra elections. Mamata Banerjee has ordered round-the-clock monitoring of the rain situation in West Bengal.

Hathras Stampede: The accused in the Hathras stampede incident, who sought permission for a religious gathering, has been fired from his job. (

US Student Kills Mother: A 20-year-old student in the US allegedly killed his mother after an argument about cleaning his room and finding a job. (

Russia-Ukraine War: Russian strikes on Ukraine have reportedly killed 36 people, including injuring children in a hospital attack. (

Space Travel and Astronaut Health: There's an explainer on how even a short spaceflight can affect the biology of astronauts. (

John Cena Retirement: WWE legend John Cena has announced his retirement after 20 years in the ring. (

ISRO Satellite Launch: ISRO is set to launch its first satellite on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in August. (

Kenya Tax Hike Reversal: Following violent protests that resulted in 22 deaths, Kenya reversed its recent tax hikes. (

Biden-Putin Meeting Concerns: The US has expressed concerns about Prime Minister Modi's meeting with Russian President Putin. (

Biden Health: The White House has denied that President Biden is being treated for Parkinson's disease. (

Israel-Gaza Conflict: Israel claims to have targeted "terrorists" operating from a school in Gaza. (

World's Hottest Year: June 2024 broke temperature records, raising concerns that 2024 could be the hottest year ever recorded globally.pen_spark (

FLiRTing with Danger? A Look at the New COVID Variants
The world may be yearning for a return to normalcy, but the COVID-19 virus isn't done with us yet. A new group of variants, collectively nicknamed FLiRT, has emerged and caused concern due to its potential to evade immunity.