NEET 2024 Exam Leak

NEET 2024 Exam Leak: Controversy Unfolds

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2024 has been embroiled in controversy since the exam was held on May 5th. Allegations of a question paper leak have cast a shadow over the entire process, leading to protests, lawsuits, and intervention by the Supreme Court.

Accusations and Investigations:

  • Soon after the results were announced, students and parents raised concerns about unusually high scores and the awarding of grace marks to some students. This fueled suspicion of a leak.
  • Petitioners challenging the results presented a video in the Supreme Court, allegedly showing the question paper circulating on Telegram a day before the exam.
  • The National Testing Agency (NTA), responsible for conducting NEET, initially dismissed the leak claims.

Supreme Court Takes Charge:

  • The Supreme Court acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations and sought information from the NTA and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
  • The Court is particularly interested in:
    • The timing of the leak (when it first occurred)
    • How the question paper was disseminated (if a leak happened)
    • The extent of the leak (widespread or isolated incidents)
  • The Court has observed that a retest might be necessary if the leak is proven to have compromised the exam's integrity.
  • The next hearing is scheduled for July 11th, where the CBI is expected to submit a status report.

Current Situation:

  • The legitimacy of the NEET 2024 results hangs in the balance.
  • A decision on a possible retest awaits further investigation and the Supreme Court's judgment.
  • This situation has caused immense stress and anxiety for students who appeared for the exam.

Important Points to Note:

  • The authenticity of the video presented in court has not been independently verified.
  • The extent of the alleged leak and its impact on the exam are still under investigation.
  • The Supreme Court is aiming to find a solution that ensures fairness for all students.

Looking Ahead:

The coming days are crucial for NEET 2024. The Supreme Court's decision will determine the future course of action, whether it's accepting the results, conducting a retest, or exploring other alternatives. Students are advised to stay updated with official sources like the NTA website and news outlets for the latest information.

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