Indian cricket team selected for T20 international

All you need to know the team

Analyzing the Indian cricket team chosen for T20 matches means looking at different things about the players and how they play. Let's break it down into simple parts.

1. Who's on the Team:

The team has players who can bat well, bowl well, and catch the ball as wicketkeepers. Here's what each type of player does:

a. Batsmen:

Some players are good at hitting the ball and scoring runs. They usually play at the start of the game to give the team a good start.

b. All-rounders:

These players are good at both batting and bowling. They help the team in different ways, like scoring runs and taking wickets.

c. Bowlers:

They throw the ball towards the batsman. Some throw fast (pacers), and some spin the ball (spinners). They try to get the batsmen out.

d. Wicketkeeper:

This player stands behind the stumps and catches the ball. They also bat and score runs for the team.

2. What Each Player Does:

Let's talk about some of the key players and what they're good at:

a. Rohit Sharma:

He's a great batsman who scores lots of runs and leads the team well.

b. Virat Kohli:

He's really good at chasing targets and has a great technique.

c. KL Rahul:

He can bat at the start of the game and in the middle. He's flexible and can score quickly.

d. Hardik Pandya:

He's good at both batting and bowling. He hits big shots and takes wickets.

e. Jasprit Bumrah:

He's a fast bowler who's really good at the end of the game when batsmen are trying to score quickly.

f. Rishabh Pant:

He's a young and exciting player who scores runs fast and is agile behind the stumps.

3. How They've Been Playing Lately:

We look at how each player has been doing in recent games:

a. IPL Performance:

The IPL is like a big cricket tournament where players show how good they are. If a player does well here, they might get picked for the national team.

b. International Matches:

If a player has been doing well in recent matches for the national team, they're likely to get selected again.

4. Thinking About the Game:

The selectors and coaches think about the team and the game they're going to play. They consider things like:

a. Other Teams:

They look at the strengths and weaknesses of the other teams to plan their strategy.

b. Where They're Playing:

Different places have different conditions. They pick players who are good in those conditions.

5. Looking at Cricket Overall:

They also think about how cricket is changing:

a. New Styles:

Cricket is changing, and players now play more aggressively. They look for players who fit this style.

b. T20 Leagues:

Players play in different leagues around the world. If they do well there, they might get picked for the national team.


Picking the Indian cricket team for T20 matches is about choosing players who can bat, bowl, and field well. It's also about thinking about who's in form, what the other teams are like, and how the game of cricket is changing. By considering all these things, they try to pick the best team possible to win matches.

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